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I’m Valerie

I really don’t have a good one liner yet.
I’m sure I’ll eventually change the
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All the new things. All of them!

Botanical perfume or man made perfumery? Natural vs Synthetic perfume.

I love botanicals – it’s true that there is an aura to them that is mysterious and permeating, and that makes them alluring to the thousands of people who choose them over the designer fragrances available on the common market.

There is an undeniable magical quality to creating and bottling botanicals – the room fills with the smell, and you capture parts of the scent that I haven’t found elsewhere.

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A luxury wedding on a budget: how to reduce cost and still have what guests care about most.

This piece covers options to save money on your wedding, regardless of budget. The key to luxury isn’t about cost, it’s about details. This article gives advice on what guests care about, how to increase luxury without cost, and how make your budget go farther, regardless of range. Decision making is difficult, especially when you’re getting conflicting advice from those around you, this should help align your needs.

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Photography Credits

Photography in various posts comes from these professionals: Photo credits: Laura Kranz Katherine Hanlon Clem Onojeghuo Isabella Alves Annie Spratt Roksolana Zasiadko laura goodsell Maria Mekht Kris Atomic Annie Spratt Andrew Walton @w_andrew_j...

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